Friday, November 4, 2011

More to life

Hello, dear readers.  I have made a decision about the postings, or lack of, on my wee location of the internets.  I've discovered that one reason I seldomly update is, well, I can't.  Designing is a business of secrets.  I contractually bound to not show my work until it's "reveal time".  So, while I am known to most of you because of my yarny adventures, I've decided to do more posting about the other parts of my world.   So expect to start seeing a little more real-life RV on RV Designs :)

I'm pretty sure you all know I'm a stay-at-home, home-schooling mom of 4.  Having 4 kids means doing as much on the cheap as possible.  For me, I have found one way to save money is on laundry.  Because, wow- do we go through mounds of laundry!

So today, I offer: DIY Dryer Sheets
You will need:
1 no longer worn 100% cotton tee, rubber glove, liquid softener, scissors, shallow dish
Cut tee into squares, soak in liquid softener, squeeze out excess (pour back into jug), hang squares to dry.

Each square can last up to 20 loads! *If you start to notice static, or when it no longer smells as strong as you'd like, switch to a new square.  When all squares are used, soak, squeeze, dry. Repeat from *