Thursday, March 31, 2011

Slipped Shawlette

I saw a post (sorry I don't remember where) a while back on a slipped stitch beanie. And thought to myself "wow, that's pretty cool". And moved on, leaving this concept to linger in the back of mind.

A few weeks ago I made this gorgeous shawlette, the Multnomah By Kate Flagg, the body is knit in garter stitch with a feather and fan edge. I love garter stitch. The look. The squish. The easy, rhythmic stitching.

I sat wishing I could make something similar in crochet.
And then, yep- you got it!, Aha! That slip stitch beanie!
I knew exactly the right yarn from my stash.
It was magical. I grabbed a hook, and started. Changed hooks. Changed hooks again.
Changed hooks again. Again. Closer, but changed again.
And finally - okay, so magical was a bit embellished, whatever, the process was still sparkly in my mind so I'm leaving it in.

My first independently published pattern is for sale.
Slipped Shawlette

Slipped 3
Slipped 2
Slipped 1

It is $3.00 HERE

I'm very excited about it. I love love this little shawl and will be making another for myself in a bamboo for the spring & summer months.
I hope you enjoy it and please make sure to send me pictures if you make it!