Monday, January 11, 2010

drawing the line

sometimes making the decision to knit/crochet for fun or design isn't an easy one.

while i love love love designing, it's nice to pull out the fibery goodness to do what brought me to designing in the first place. just to sit and knit or crochet.

with my niece's arrival a mere 2.5 months away, my urge to create itty bitty sweaters and cardigans is out of control!

then the questioning sets in...
do i find a really cute pattern & just enjoy the process?
or should i turn this into a possible pattern for others to enjoy, and perhaps make a little $ from too (just keepin' it real!)?

so, i answer that question by doing both. what can i say? i'm hopeless.

on my knitting needles: Autumn Leaves by Nikki Van De Car (of What to Knit When You're Expecting). for this size 9-12mos cardi, i am using redheart designer sport in a sour appley green. cashmere is beautiful and soft and fabulous and all, but as a mom of 4, washable is the way to go.

my crochet projects of choice are; another cardigan that is oh-so-super-sweet and a jacket in size 2t. i have sent the sweet cardi off for submission, so i can't show it to you just yet, and the jacket is still just a square... not much to show

so, i thought i'd give an attempt at the 365. telling you right now, i will not be posting a picture every day. while it is a really neat project, i know me. so, i'm going to do what i can.

my picture for the day: matchsticks
pretzels dipped in a bit of melted chocolate.