Wednesday, August 19, 2009

the good thing about acrylic

i know there are many many knitters & crocheters out there that will have nothing to do with acrylic yarns. i'm not one of them. it definitely has it's place. yes, i prefer to work with natural fibers usually, but not necessarily exclusively.

so what brought these thoughts to mind?


blue blanket

a perfectly wonderful 100% acrylic afghan. my nannie made it for me when i was probably somewhere near 10 years old. that's 20-something years ago, folks. it's in great condition! it hasn't shrunk or stretched or faded in any way. maybe this blanket is in such good shape because it's acrylic. or maybe this blanket is in such good shape because it's never been stored and left to gather dust or rot away in a box somewhere. i put it on my bed as a child and it stayed there until i married & left my parent's house.

then it became my 'couch' blankie. always there to be cuddled in with my new hubby on movie nights.

then came our oldest son. my blanket soon made it's way to his toddler bed. where it stayed for years, folded in half to fit the small mattress.

today, when i pulled my favorite blue blanket out of the dryer and saw where it has a small hole... i was so sad. and then, oddly, happy.

as a crocheter, i'll be able to mend the rips & tears. adding my love in stitches, the way my nannie did so long ago. i imagine the hours of double crochets passed in her rose colored recliner while watching the price is right, wheel of fortune & hee haw.

no difficult care. just throw it in the washer & dryer. i've never had to worry or stress about my children using it. frankly, i love it more because it is acrylic.

so where is the blanket now? on my youngest son's bed, warming him every night.

blue blanket

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lookin' Good!

Hello, world. First, ohmagosh! isn't the new site just beautiful!? Lindsey of Sour Apple Studio has done an amazing job. There was sooo much behind the scenes on this one and she was absolutely fabulous! LOVE HER! If you are considering a blog make-over, she is THE gal for you. Another fabulous lady I need to thank is Victoria Ovens. She is the designer of my new RVlogo. Exactly what I had hoped for. She was amazing to work with. And, of course, there is my wonderful husband who has dealt with all the geeky stuff that i just don't understand. There are still a few kinks to work out and not all of the links have great things behind them, but they will.

I know I should dig deep and have something really meaningful and enlightening to say about why I changed my site, but I don't. Comes down to this: as much as I loved my EweDevil sheepy, I've been debating with myself for quite some time on whether or not I should "grow up" my site. Started playing around with ideas and well... here we are.

I am very pleased with my decision! I hope you all love it as much as I do.
Stay tuned for fabulous posts, patterns & other goodies!

Thursday, July 23, 2009