Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Hooks in My Life.... part 1

I have oodles of crochet hooks. Some work for me, some don't. Thought I'd take some time and share with you my thoughts.

This one was a gift. The information on the hook says "Accento Craft Inc, Handy Hook".
It's a size K, which is a size I don't use often. It does require a bit of getting used to, and I wouldn't necessarily say that it causes less 'tiring' of my hand. My guess is that it is probably very comfortable for a "pencil grip" person. But I'm a knifer. It's fun to look at though!

Several years ago, I went through a phase where I decided I needed to have cute, fun and fancy hooks.
Here are a few I ordered from eBay sellers. I don't remember who I bought them from, sorry. As you can see, 2 were customized with my EweDevil sheepie of the time. 2 of these hooks have a bit of a squish to them & are marked with "JY 305". The other is a harder, polymer clay (I think). Although, this little sheep has lost it's head & horns :( But it's quite comfortable to work with.

For the "Ooo, Fun!" factor, I bought this hook that lights up. Yes. There is a little led light in the handle that shines through the clear hook. It is another size K, so is rarely out. And honestly, I tried working with this once during a movie (we were at home, don't throw popcorn!). It was more annoying than helpful, for me. They are called "Crochet Lite" and are made by Clover, but aren't on the website.

And my purty hooks:
Ooops, looks like a plain one snuck into the picture... It is 10" long and has "Size 15" stamped in it. It is one of the hooks from my grandma's collection.
So the fancy hand-turned hooks are from Jimbo's Front Porch. They are a pleasure to behold and have a great hand. However, for me, not really useful. They have a bit of a Susan Bates hook, and I'm a Boye hook type. Unsure of what I mean by that? Tune in tomorrow for more on hooks!