Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Seamless Crochet! Yes, really!

You're going to be all super jealous and stuff, but I have to tell you anyway; Kristin Omdahl sent me a copy of her latest book for me to look through! In total honesty, if you are a crocheter, or even thinking about it, this book is a must for your shelf.
It's genius! No, really. It is. While I know she isn't the "inventor" of this technique, she definitely made it her own and we all owe her HUGE thanks for bringing it into the light.
AND, did you see!?! It comes with an instructional DVD!! Ya'll that's so cool it's sparkly. (ok, I added in the shiny, but it totally deserves it)
It's truly the coolest techniqe  - I'm trying to think of words to describe...

Seamless Crochet

Let's be honest, I am NOT a motif person. They are lovely and beautiful and ohhh then ends to weave in makes me shudder just thinking of it all. Now that I've tested and understand this seamless motif business, OHHH, I'm a believer!

Yes, I got right to work, because this is something I had to learn.  I chose a small project as my first piece and also wanted it to be something useful, so I chose the Jamie hat.  Speaking of small and useful, there are a few potholder projects in here that are awesome and great beginning pieces - but I also wanted to challenge myself - so went with the hat :)

The diagrams given are great.  I'm a very visual learner, so having these made all the difference to me!
If jumping straight into a hat is a bit scary, Kristin thought of that! Each motif/project has a "trial" diagram that you can study/make to get your feet wet and really grasp the concept before diving in to the full committment. Cool, right!?

Also, because my daughter was to be the recipient of the hat, she requested it be not a tight beanie, but rather a slouchier beret style.  So, I upped my yarn and hook size and yarn. Hindsight, I should have used a G rather than an H, it's a little too slouchy. But E likes it :) I am very happy with my choice of Noro Silk garden. the color changes in the continuous motif was really fun to watch! Also, because I was running out of yarn, I changed up the band to something that I would be able to just stop when I ran out.

If you love the look of motif crochet, but are hesitant to commit because of the ends... This book is your answer!!!
Shawls, hats, scarves, baby blankets... You want it, it's in here!!