Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blog Tour: Simply Crochet

^ LOOK! ^  I made that! - on the COVER!
Ya'll!  You've no idea how excited I am to finally get to tell ya about this book! 

First of all, I have to say, being asked to contribute to this book was such an honor.  Robyn Chachula (yes! of Crochet by Faye fame) is an amazing designer and getting to be a part of any project she is in charge of is straight awesome.

The idea for this book is great.  Robyn has organized the projects according to how much yardage they need.  Many of the pieces in this book are created with some truly indulgent yarn.  Which is often "not in budget".  But, have I got some really great news for you!  There are 8 fabulous projects in this book that take only 1 ball!  The Iced Ascot, my contribution, is one of them.

Indulgent yarn, indeed.  This ascot/scarf is made using only 1 hank of Royal by Blue Sky Alpacas. It's so soft and dreamy.

I love this scarf!! Not only because the yarn used is out-of-control amazing, but the look of it.  It's so simple, and yet, not.  Doesn't the model look just so.... together?  Casually yet, elegantly "done".
Love, Love, Love it!

Be excited.  This book is full of awesome.

You can download the eBook now from Interweave Press, HERE or Pre-order the paperback version (to be released in just a few days 12/07/2011) HERE.

Continue to hear more from the designers of Simply Crochet!  Tomorrow, Margaret Hubert will be chatting about her Flapper Hat in the book!

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  1. The crochet book looks great and I'm so excited to be able to follow along on a blog tour that seems really fun!