Monday, July 19, 2010

Chainlink 2010

Ohmagosh, this is shameful. I really haven't posted in HOW long?
Here is a post that has been hanging out as a "draft"- shameful.
Where to even begin!?

Honestly, I just don't even know. What an absolutely amazing time!

It all began when I met Karen Ratto-Whooley at the airport in Baltimore, MD.
I'm certain I looked like a total stalker, 'cuz I kept looking at her across the gate area thinking, "that's Karen Whooley! I know it.." I was, of course, way too chicken to approach her, until she pulled out her yarn! That was the only invitation I needed :)

Karen Ratto-Whooley & Rebecca Velasquez
She was so wonderful. I sat next to her on the plane and we crocheted & chatted. Then she waited at the airport with me while I filled out all the paperwork that had to be done because my luggage did not come in on the plane with me. Yes, seriously. Luckily, my hubby (the seasoned traveler) told me to pack tomorrow's clothes in my carry-on.

At the hotel, Karen introduced me to many of her fiber friends.. and then, we met Robyn Chachula. Yes. Yes I did. (Didn't get a picture, I was a little awe-struck)

And Kristin Omdahl, I know, pinch me, right!?

Now, at my computer, I'm trying to remember who all was at the table I got to meet the first night. I should have kept a journal. It's all kinda run together into one gigantic, fabulous memory of friends & fits of laughter.

Professional Development Day was fabulous. I sat at a table with Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby, Tracie Barrett, Andee Graves (Mamas2Hands), Ellen Gormley, Kristin Omdahl... I know, I've just started name-dropping now.

And this is where I stopped when originally writing this. Why? Who knows. Maybe one of the kidlets needed me, or a dog, or a cat.... for those who know me, you know there are many many things that could have pulled me away.
Instead of blathering on about the whole thing, I will leave you with pictures and the knowledge that ChainLink is fabulous. If you're considering going, do it. DO IT!
Stop, right now & go make your reservations.
Wait. Look at my fun pics, THEN go make your reservations.

Oh, word of advice, don't be all shy about getting out your camera the way I was... I should have had SO many more pictures!

Fashion Show dinner party
Kristin & Rebecca
Donna Hulka & Rebecca Velasquez
Margaret Hubert & Rebecca Velasquez

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